At Best Website, we take pride in delivering world-class SEO services for an eclectic mix of diverse clients. With the internet being the world’s greatest resource, there’s simply no excuse anymore for a company lacking an online presence. Recently, we were approached by Silus Bank, one of the largest mortgage providers in Nashville. We were presented with the challenge of improving this client’s online presence tremendously in a competitive market. In the end, our clients receive top-notch SEO services, as we went above and beyond to help them gain more business via the internet.


Silus Bank was formed in 1978. The bank quickly became one of the largest providers of mortgage loans in the southern United States. As an older business, Silus Bank had difficulty adjusting their lead generation strategy to the 21st century.

Soon, they reached out to use with the requests that we:

  • Improve their website ranking on Google and Bing.
  • Create a resource center full of optimized blogs and articles.
  • Optimize their existing website for clarity and SEO.


Silus Bank already had a website but ran into a problem when their previous provider went out of business. With a lack of resources in maintaining the website, it soon became dilapidated and fell in the online search rankings.

This client needed a lot of help in updating their existing website and recovering lost ground in a crowded market. However, with a long track record of SEO success in the banking industry, we were no stranger to this challenge.


After meeting with the executive marketing team at Silus Bank, we spearheaded an immediate audit and update on their existing website. Within this audit, we found several pressing SEO issues.

Our SEO team worked diligently in repairing these issues, while simultaneously creating the content marketing strategy for the website’s new resource center.

While putting the finishing touches on the bank’s website optimization process, our team of content writers began to create both top and bottom-funnel content for the bank.


Within six months, we helped Silus Bank accomplish all of their online marketing goals, in addition to other completed objectives:

  • Silus Bank ranked #1 for more than 35 high-traffic keywords.
  • Silus Bank’s website’s traffic increased by 300%.
  • The company created a list of more than 500 email subscribers in less than two months.

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