When it comes to website security, Best Website is the go-to for businesses of all sizes. Bronze IT Services is one of the many satisfied customers that have benefitted from the team’s expertise. In this case study, we will take a look at how Best Website was able to help Bronze IT Services improve its website security and protect its business from online threats.

About Best Website

Best Website is a digital marketing company based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Best Website offers a variety of security services, including malware removal, website firewall, and SSL certificate installation. The company also offers other services, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) management.

About Bronze IT Services

Bronze IT Services is a web development and design agency based in New York City. Partners Sarah James and Tom Brown founded the company in 2010.

Bronze IT Services specializes in developing custom WordPress websites for small businesses and nonprofits. They also offer other services, like eCommerce development and email marketing.

The Problem

Bronze IT Services was using an outdated, self-hosted WordPress site that was not properly secured. This made the website vulnerable to malware attacks and other online threats.

The company was not using a firewall or SSL certificate, which further increased its risk of being hacked. Because of these issues, Bronze IT Services had several website outages and experienced significant downtime.

This caused frustration for the company’s employees and customers. It also resulted in financial losses, because potential clients were turned away due to the website’s unreliable performance.

The Solution to Improve Website Security

Best Website was able to help Bronze IT Services resolve its security issues by providing expert advice and services.

The team started by helping Bronze IT Services migrate its website to a secure, managed WordPress hosting platform. They also installed a WordPress security plugin and configured it to provide maximum protection.

Lastly, Best Website helped install an SSL certificate and set up a website firewall. Bronze IT Services’ website is now much more secure and no downtime has occurred since the project was completed.

The Results

Since working with Best Website, Bronze IT Services hasn’t experienced any outages or downtime. The company has also seen an increase in web traffic and inquiries from potential new clients.

Overall, Best Website’s services have helped Bronze IT Services improve its website security, protect its business, and grow its client base.

Looking for Similar Results to Help Improve Website Security?

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