At Best Website, we take pride in offering top-notch website hosting services. These services are generally aimed toward businesses conducting expensive internet operations.

Many of these businesses purchase our hosting services to maintain high uptime and enterprise security. The Awesome Store, a very popular online store, contacted us because they were dissatisfied with their previous provider.


The Awesome Store serves millions of customers across the world every year. They sell all kinds of miscellaneous products, from clothes to electronics. The company started with a “cheap” hosting provider upon opening the store.

Eventually, they outgrew the provider and experienced aggravating downtime during massive traffic spikes. The Awesome Store contacted us to see if we could eliminate this problem and scale as they continued to grow.


While we have worked with numerous online stores in the past, we haven’t been contacted by an eCommerce retailer as large as The Awesome Store. The challenge could be onboarding this client, working with their IT team, and meeting their high standards.

Tony Walters, the IT director, had high hopes in our service and wanted to see immediate results right away. This was a unique challenge for us, and one we adamantly accepted.


By using an uptime monitoring tool, we were able to work with Tony and figure out exactly when The Awesome Store’s website experienced rampant downtime. We also collected website traffic metrics to compare both sets of data.


Immediately, the client’s website maintained 99.9% uptime. Because of this, we also achieved the following results:

  • The Awesome Store’s website, already a massive online presence, increased its website traffic.
  • The average session time for this website also increased, a clear sign of its improved uptime.

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