Creating websites for companies in the financial services industry can be challenging. These clients usually require custom and secure websites able to meet the needs of thousands of website users.

Clients in the financial services industry have high standards for their websites. Rightfully so, banks and credit unions need to protect their customers, while providing a high-value online experience.

When we were approached by Life Bank, we knew we were presented with the opportunity of a lifetime — a true chance to do our best work.


Life Bank services more than 1.5 million customers in Nashville and across the country. They offer mortgage and credit services to their customers, in addition to payment solutions for consumers and businesses.

Life Bank approached us with a fully-staffed marketing team and presented us with the following tasks:

  • Build a new website that best reflects their brand. This was necessary after their recent acquisition of another financial institution.
  • Create custom features, such as a back-end online portal for customers and several content for their numerous products.


Life Bank sent an organized compilation of their new website development requests. However, there were still some key challenges we had to navigate to ensure that this project was a complete success.

  • Life Bank, formerly known as Life Exchange Bank, recently acquired another bank. They wanted to rebrand, so using their previous website as inspiration wasn’t possible.
  • Life Bank recalibrated their target audience to a more specific niche, and we had to conduct in-depth consumer research and host client interviews to learn more.
  • We had to develop an inventory of custom website features, mainly a backend online portal from scratch.


After scheduling interviews with various members of Life’s marketing and executive teams, we understood the nuances of their new target audience and business nature. This allowed us to begin the mockup of their website.

Next, Ralph Dodds, the Life’s marketing director assisted us in creating the wireframe of the new backend online portal. We diligently prepared the portal with an intuitive user interface and other stylish content.


Life Bank’s website launch was completed without any scheduling delays, both on time and on budget. There weren’t any significant issues with their backend portal, and the feature soon attracted hundreds of thousands of customers.

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