At Best Website, we are highly recognized as a premier website security provider in Nashville, Tennessee and across the country. Unfortunately, when we are contacted about our website security solutions, potential clients have already experienced a data breach or cyberattack.

These malicious attacks can be catastrophic for small and large businesses alike, costing them thousands and even millions of dollars in the process and aftermath. However, healthcare organizations face more stringent repercussions.

Great Clinic contacted us for our website security services after experiencing a data breach. Facing potential HIPAA violations, we faced a unique challenge in helping them overcome.


Great Clinic serves as a walk-in clinic for low-income families without insurance. They serve thousands of people in the Downtown Nashville area. On their website, they collect sensitive information about patients, from addresses to social security numbers.

Franke Burke, the medical director of Great Clinic, was highly involved in the onboarding process. They wanted website security features, such as:

  • Abuse bot blocking technology to deter hackers from crashing their website.
  • Monitoring technology to keep track of security updates in real-time.
  • Secure encryption to prevent hackers from accessing private medical information (PMI).


Great Clinic, already established in the Downtown Nashville region, had a very dilapidated website. Helping to create a HIPAA compliant website is a very time-consuming and tedious process.

Our team of developers were presented with the challenge of aligning the Great Clinic’s website not only to the standards of Franke Burke, but also to the high standards of the Federal Government.


We met with Tony to discuss Great Clinic’s recent data breach. We surmised that the attack happened because the website was insecure and a hacker illegally accessed PMI for weeks without their knowledge.

Immediately, we provided the Great Clinic website with an SSL certificate and installed functions such as:

  • Real time detection to prevent future security threats
  • Regular monitoring at an 100% rate, even during the late hours of the night
  • Automatic website updates when security patches are immediately available


We provided Tony with a fully HIPAA compliant website, armed to the teeth with powerful security capabilities. Several months after this project, Tony and our staff haven’t reported any security threats.

We’re confident it will stay that way.

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