At Best Website, we have worked with countless companies in the healthcare industry, from insurance companies to hospitals. We realize the unique challenge these businesses face in their respective markets.

The healthcare sector is clearly for-profit, but its companies don’t operate like traditional capitalist-oriented industries, such as eCommerce and entertainment. These companies aim to serve clients.

That’s why when we were approached by Willow Oak Health Group for a website overhaul, we knew we had to help.


Willow Oak Health Group has built a reputation as one of the most preeminent clinics in Nashville, Tennessee. They continually serve disadvantaged and low-income families. To that end, Willow Oak Health Group needed a new website to reach prospects on the internet.

Specifically, they wanted to:

  • Build a new website that better reflects their brand.
  • Create a website designed to rank better on search engines.


Willow Oak Health Group is involved in a highly saturated market — the healthcare field. The company had several superior competitors in the same region. We encountered the following challenged when building their website:

  • Our team had to understand the nuanced nature of our client’s business and target audience.
  • We had to create an accessible website that could be used by members of the disabled community.
  • We have to develop a mobile-friendly website from scratch to allow complex functionality, such as a custom online login portals.


After scheduling an initial consultation with the client, we started to understand its unique target audience and business. We also realized that the best approach was building the website in constant cooperation with the client.

During the website development process, the client tracked our progress continually and guided us on how they wanted their messaging and brand colors to look. This constant feedback helped us to achieve the results they were looking for.


In the end, we created a world-class website that our client appreciated. They referred us to several other clients, and after a few months, the website began to rank near the top of search engine result pages (SERPs) for their targeted keywords.

Other results we achieved include:

  • Our client increased their monthly website traffic from 954 to 3,876.
  • The average session time for the new website time more than doubled after the launch, a clear sign of its heightened user experience (UX).

Want Similar Results?

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