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When the Sevell & Thomas Law Firm approached us with a request to build a new website for their firm, our team knew we were in for a challenge. Not only were we tasked with creating a fully-functional website, but we were also asked to make the website match the brand and voice of the client.


The Sevell & Thomas Law Firm was founded in 1921, one of the oldest and most prestigious law firms in Nashville, Tennessee. While the firm has steadily relied on word of mouth and TV advertising to build their client base, they reached out to us to develop a website and establish an online presence.

Specifically, the firm asked us to:

  • Create a fully-functional website from scratch.
  • Establish their online presence through SEO indexing.
  • Develop a website that matches their brand’s tone and voice.


The Sevell & Thomas Law Firm needed a custom website that matched their brand perfectly, which is always a challenge.

We felt the all-encompassing pressure to help a prestigious law firm, with high demands, create a website they would be proud of.


After meeting with Frank Thomas, the senior partner of the firm, we gathered a full list of expectations and prerequisites for their new website design.

In addition, our project managers and website design staff stayed in constant communication with Thomas to keep him up to speed about the progress of his project.

Little by little, we designed the website the firm wanted exactly.


As soon as their website was finished, we achieved these results:

  • We received a five-star review on Google for our hard work.
  • Frank Thomas referred us to six more clients at the completion of this project.
  • Their new website ranked in the first three search results without any meaningful SEO campaign in place.

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