WordPress is easily one of the most well-known and dynamic content management systems (CMS) in the world. Building a fully-functional WordPress website can be done by a high-school student.

Still, we are often inundated with requests from small and large businesses to provide support after these websites are built. One of these clients has a variety of website support requests for us to handle.

This company was a local university, Learn College.


Learn College was founded in 1909 by Armorie Stuggs. The college has grown into a nationally-recognized university. Thousands of students enroll in their college every year to take part in their world-famous law program.

Nate Thomas, the marketing coordinator of Learn College, oversaw the onboarding process and made it clear he wanted:


Learn College wasn’t like many of the clients we’ve seen before. They required not only website support, but continual website development services. Managing this project would take significant resources.

However, our team was up to the challenge of meeting the unique WordPress website support requests of this client.


After deliberating with Nate, our team determined that it would be best to set the client up on a weekly website support schedule. We also included a ticketing system to allow the client to make any request for website changes.

Finally, we developed a monitoring system to proactively check for critical website issues and provided world-class security to deter hackers and cyber-criminals, a plight common in the higher education sector.


Nate and the entire staff of Learn College was very impressed with our work. We receive referrals to this day from this project and high marks from the university dean for our work.

Learn College’s website has never been compromised by hackers, and we plan to keep it that way.

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