We have provided pay-per-click (PPC) services for businesses in various industries, from healthcare to banking. Over the years, we have noticed that many businesses are reluctant about investing in PPC ads before hiring us.

Rightfully so, PPC is a risky venture. If you hire the wrong agency or handle your campaign yourself, you can risk wasting your hard-earned money on ads that aren’t working for your business.

A company who recently divorced from an ill-prepared PPC agency came to us for help because they knew PPC could help their business.

This company was Second Clinic, a walk-in clinic in Nashville, Tennessee.


Second Clinic is a successful healthcare organization with locations in Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga. Melanie Vargas, the founder of Second Clinic, recently attended a seminar learning about the effects of PPC for healthcare companies.

She contacted us after dealing with another PPC agency and had the following goals in mind:

  • While having the financial resources, Melanie wanted to start small with PPC and scale campaigns for her other locations in time.
  • She wanted the campaign to drive at least 3,000 visits every month on Google Ads.


The Second Clinic had very simple goals. However, Melanie was very hesitant about going over her budget. The challenge here was due to prior experience with an inexperienced PPC agency.

Reluctant to spend more money on PPC, she wanted us to work with a very tight budget and monitor the results of the campaign herself. Melanie wanted to be very involved in this project, and there was a very thin margin of error.


With Melanie’s high level of involvement, onboarding her company was a straightforward process. We allowed her to sit in with our specialists during a brainstorming session to see her advertising dollars being used properly.

We also gained her input in every aspect of the campaign creation process, from keyword targeting to copywriting. Melanie’s reluctance to this project was understandable, and we wanted to set a great first impression and ease her mind.


After sending Melanie our first progress report, she contacted us and wanted to extend her budget immediately and thanked us for our diligence. We not only completed her goals. We overachieved.

Here are the results we obtained on her behalf:

  • The Second Clinic’s campaign generated 12,392 conversions on Google Ads, which was more than four times the original goal.
  • Our team didn’t spend all of Melanie’s budget, giving her a huge ROI for her limited advertising spend.

Want Similar Results?

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