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Google encourages developers to make websites more accessible

It is easy for companies to try to aim their products and services at the majority, which means that in some cases, the minority will be left out. An example would be accessibility, where sometimes companies design products for those who are able-bodied, leaving those who are handicapped out.

However over the years we’ve seen how companies are starting to look at creating more accessible products, and while Google has made its services accessible to people with disabilities in the past and also recently launching an app that helps the blind “see”, it seems that it is becoming more of a focus now as the company has recently launched resources to help and encourage developers to make their apps and websites more accessible.

According to Google, creating apps or websites that are more accessible could result in it being useful for all users, not those who might require it. “You may even discover that addressing accessibility issues can improve the user experience for everyone. For instance, closed captions can make your videos accessible to more people whether they have a hearing impairment or are sitting in a crowded room.”

For those who are interested, Google points such users towards the Primer app where they just need to search for “accessibility” to learn more and to get started.