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Authoritative content is more important than SEO

It is a little-known secret that Google and other search engines are making a shift from traditional search engine optimization (SEO) to a focus on quality and authoritative content.

While it is still important to optimize your meta data and remain on top of relevant keywords, it can no longer be denied that when it comes to generating organic search results, quality content with a strong focus on authority is now leading the pack.

Content that is heavy in SEO is no longer the best method for bringing in the traffic you seek. It has always been said that content is the king of the Internet.

With Google placing an increasingly heavy focus on powerful content, marketing professionals are finding that authority is oftentimes more important than search engine optimization.

Google is not the only search engine placing a strong emphasis on authority. Search Engine Land recently reported that Bing has developed its own version of Google Panda, and is focusing more heaving on quality content comprised of several factors, including authority.

In many ways, this is far more of a challenge for marketing professionals than search engine optimization. Yesterday’s rules are gone. Today, marketers must shift their focus toward the creation of relevant and newsworthy content.

That means developing a solid understanding of one’s target market to know precisely which type of content can best be leveraged to the right audience.

Social tie-ins remain a must in terms of creating powerful, authoritative content.

The key here is to create impactful content that catches the attention of influencers and inspires them to share your content. This will often resonate with your target audience more than anything else.

Search engines are also utilizing social signals for validating authority. Bing, for example, searches for social signals to determine whether an author is recognized, well-cited and considered a subject matter expert. This is where signals from LinkedIn can prove to be particularly beneficial.

Authoritative content not only helps to drive more organic search traffic but also facilitates in gaining trust. When visitors see your content and are able to learn more about you, they will feel as though they are developing a relationship with you. They learn to trust you. As a good marketer knows, it is always easier to make a sale when the consumer trusts you.

What can you do to produce authoritative content?

1. Be knowledgeable and passionate about your topic. Take the time to conduct thorough research.

2. Be original. Whether it is producing original research or taking a different perspective, make a point of bringing something new to the table.

3. Focus on well-written content. Take the time to produce carefully-crafted content.

4. Share your content with targeted communities. Remember, social signals are often a vital source for determining authority.

With search engines placing an ever-increasing emphasis on the importance of authoritative content, the time to begin boosting your online authority is now.

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