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Some people think that if you have a popular product, a new computer and an Internet connection, you can be online entrepreneur.

Conventional wisdom suggests that a “good” bounce rate (aka, the number of visitors who check out a single page on

WordPress is considered an excellent platform for budding entrepreneurs to create websites for their startup or small business. This content management service

To increase your conversion rates, it’s no longer enough to simply drive traffic to your website in the hope of

Backlink analysis is one of the most discussed and strategized search engine optimization (SEO) tasks out there. But today, there are so

Websites can be a tricky business. You have to stay current with the latest design trends, ensure that your site

For ecommerce, last year was a year of milestones. Worldwide, sales hit a record high of $1.3 trillion. The overwhelming majority

The Internet is complicated. If you think about the innumerable calculations that go into every Google search just to bring you

When you think about it, websites have made giant improvements in appearance over the years. In the ’90s, businesses merely rushed

An appealing website design is important, but you can’t lose sight of what your website is really for: to convert traffic

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