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How to increase website traffic

In the online-only world today, for every business, its website is arguably its most important asset in gaining more customers. From verifying the authenticity of the brand to relaying more information about the products that the company has to offer, the website has all the go-to news for prospective customers.

So, for every business owner, in the idea stages of the product itself, the visualization of the website takes place. The tech team start working on the same, for during the launch the website is the only interface that the start-up has in front of the consumer.

Here are some notes and ideas for increasing website traffic:

Build a User-friendly Website

The basic goal of any website is to make it user friendly, so that your consumers can easily navigate through your site. Start-ups should design their websites and should ensure that the customer is not confused when they do come to your website.

By understanding your target audience and being SEO-friendly too, you will be able to attract a large number of customers to your site.

Get Hold of The Right Audience

Every other business owner is crazy for the number of clicks on his/her website. But Naren Krishna Madhurakavi, Co-Founder of, believes that it’s not just about the click but about the relevant clicks. What should matter to the entrepreneur is whether the right audience is coming to the website.

“You have to properly define your target audience, as then you know that the desired customer is reaching out to you. The same also helps you design paid campaigns better,” said Madhurakavi.

Use Third-party Services

To increase traffic to your website, one can also leverage different platforms thatwill further boost the right audience to come your way. “Make sure your business is listed in Google Maps via Google My Business. You can create a free listing on local sites like JustDial, Sulekha etc,” said Milind Mody, founder of eBrandz.

Mody also added that entrepreneurs should allocate some budget towards paid advertisement and use Google Adwords Express and Facebook Ads to generate leads.

Innovative Campaigns on Social Media

Every brand today takes advantage of social media platforms to redirect traffic to their website. Mody believes that an entrepreneur should create presence on social media channels based on where their audience is active.

Madhurakavi believes that to constantly engage with their audience is important and to do the same, one has to come up with innovative campaigns. “You have to put out relatable stuff which are also timely to connect with your audience well,” he said.

While Mody added that for B2B startups, LinkedIn networking can get them great results, Madhurakavi counts on building relevance by talking about success stories and case studies when it comes to driving traffic.

Do Not Forget Retargeting Campaigns

As a part of every campaign designed to bring more customers to your platform, it is important that you don’t forget the retargeting campaign. Mody believes that it takes multiple touch points to convert a visitor. “One of the biggest mistakes we see is startups not spending money on retargeting campaigns,” he said.

Retargeting is when a company shows the ads to people who have visited the website either on search or display network. You can also retarget customers based on email IDs or their phone numbers by sending out newsletters or letting them know about promotional offers that your company has ongoing. “The idea is that these visitors after viewing your ads multiple times might bite the bullet and sign up with you,” said Mody.

Through this process, even if people find you through an organic search, a retargeting campaign (which is a paid campaign), will allow them to see your ads on other sites. “This will reinforce your brand and help increase your conversions,” he said.

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