Content Marketing

Some secrets to writing amazing blog posts

Blogging should form a big part of your social-media strategy. Indeed, the most effective marketers allocate a large portion of their budget to content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

But spending money will not solve the problem of content nobody wants to engage with. If you have customers who need blogging content, you need to think about how you are going to craft amazing content.

This guide will show you how.

Develop a strategy

You would be surprised at how many people have no strategy whatsoever. You cannot expect to write upon any subject you please and hope it leads to success. You need a content marketing strategy and a way to measure the results you’re receiving.

Furthermore, you have to have a strategy so you know what to change and what you have already tried before. This should be worked out with the business you are providing content for. It will ensure that you’re not running around in circles.

Speak as a person

You may be wondering what this means, but speaking as a person is a huge part of crafting amazing blog content. Speaking as a person is about making it clear to customers that you are a real person just like them; it is a more conversational tone and have a unique voice.

Relative content

Simply hitting the low-hanging fruit of what happens to be popular now is one way of generating some cheap exposure. But you have to keep in mind why people are blogging in the first place. A thousand readers could look at your content every time, but if you aren’t converting any of these people into paying customers none of it matters.

The reason why you are not generating that vital income is because you’re not hitting the audience likely to buy in the first place.

Your content must be laser targeted. It may be hard to explain to a client that it’s worth accepting a lower number of readers in return for better targeted content, but it must be done. Relative content will always produce better results.

Be generous with content

Most blog content is inherently filled with nothingness. There’s a little gem here or there, but it’s not enough to justify 500 words. This is because most blogs are concocted upon a single idea or notion. Bloggers need to do more if they are going to interest customers as they are going to see right through this nonsense.

But how do you be generous with content?

Take that list of ideas and think about how you can combine them into an information-packed piece of writing. It may mean you have to think outside the box for future content, but you can guarantee a greater level of interest from readers if you do so.

By virtue of actually producing something worthwhile, you are giving yourself a competitive edge.

Do different with content

Producing amazing blogs requires more than writing skills. With the rise of mobile technology, more and more people are relying entirely on images and videos to consume content. You have to cater to this by supplementing your written content with images and videos.

The brain processes information visually up to 64 times faster than it can process words. The business that keeps the customer’s attention will be the one that disseminates the information as quickly as possible.

Videos and images take time to create. It goes without saying that mastering this skill takes time and effort. It may mean you have to produce fewer blogs. But the quality and share ability of each blog will be enhanced many times over, as a result.

Last word

Producing amazing content for your customers requires you to fulfill a number of key targets. These include:

  • You must know your audience. Every piece of content must be laser targeted.
  • Every piece of content must have real substance, including visual content.
  • You must be working to an overall strategy in the long-term. You have to understand where you’re going and what you want to do.

Your blogging ability should be reviewed every few weeks. Analyze the results and review where you have been going wrong and where you can make improvements.