Some ideas for re-purposing your blog content

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Some ideas for repurposing your blog content

A good way to stay active on social media—while feeding the content monster—is to repurpose content.

This involves changing the format of existing content to be used on another online medium or platform. By doing this, you can get more out of your content and reach wider audiences.

Repurposing allows you to create less content and spend more time promoting it. This can add value to your past content and provide opportunities to promote what you’ve created across multiple social media platforms, potentially engaging new audiences.

When looking to repurpose content, it is a good idea to use content that has received high traffic, as this has already proved popular among your audience and for SEO purposes. Evergreen content is best to use when repurposing content, because can be used continuously and is not time-specific.

Here are four ideas you can use to turn old content into something new:

1. Use audio content as a blog post

You can get a lot out of audio by having it transcribed and used in a written format.

Doing this can provide longevity to your audio content and potentially engage a wider audience. Using video can also create an interesting and engaging blog post, as it uses both words and pictures.

If you don’t have time to transcribe audio content by hand, there are many online services available—such as waywithwords.

2. Turn content into an infographic

Infographics are attention grabbing and engaging on social media. These visual representations of information, data or knowledge are intended to enable readers to digest the facts quickly and easily.

Try repurposing blog content, quotes or data from a presentation to quickly and easily present your point to your audience. You create infographics using free online tools such asEasel.lyPiktochart and

3. Create a presentation and put it on Slideshare

PowerPoint presentations can be repurposed for Slideshare, an online presentation platform. It is a great way to promote your knowledge and generate SEO for your brand.

Websites such as Canva can be great tools to assist you with creating a professional presentation suited to the platform you want to use.

4. Turn your quotes into visuals

An effective way to get noticed on social media is to use visuals, and the best way to create a visual quote is to use a key message or meaningful saying and pair with an image that relates to it.

Canva can provide you with the tools required to choose and edit visuals, along with creating text for your image. When created in Canva, these visuals can be adapted to suit a range of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

Repurposing content is a great way to get more out of your creative work and stay engaged with your audience. It can also provide opportunities to connect with a wider audience through multiple platforms without being time intensive.