Contractors operate in a competitive niche and often need a high-quality website to stand out. After working with dozens of contractors over the years, we are very familiar with this challenge, which is always a welcome sign for potential clients.

Contractors, like plumbers and electricians, purchase our web design services to outrank their fiercest competitors online. However, ABC Electric Pros presented us with a new challenge.

They have never owned a website and had no existing design for us to use as a blueprint.


ABC Electric Pros had been operating in Nashville, Tennessee for more than 50 years. After realizing this, it was clear why they didn’t have a website. They built a successful business based on firm handshakes and referrals.

Ray Dillard, the founder of ABC Electric Pros, wanted to achieve the following goals.

  • Building a top-notch website that best reflected his brand.
  • Develop an optimized website to outrank his existing competitors on the internet.


Ray Dillard acknowledged that he didn’t have much experience with the internet, yet he was very conscious about what he wanted his website to do. He didn’t want just a beautiful website for his business.

He wanted a quirky website that couldn’t be built using a standard template. He wanted custom features, such as an ability to schedule appointments and an online portal to submit emergency service requests.

Because of these demands, we encountered the following challenges:

  • Our team had to explain the basics of web design with the client and turn all of their website ideas into practical requests in their proposal.
  • We had to develop a custom website based directly on the client’s wishes.


Since the client never had a website, he had to sit in on our web design process. This involved allowing him to see how the website’s wireframe was created, walking him through the process, and gaining his approval before moving forward.

Once Ray was satisfied with his website design, we kept him in constant contact with our developers, who made sure his custom features were created to his liking.


In the end, we created an exceptional website that matched Ray’s brand. It also possessed all the features he wanted without any communication issues or scheduling delays.

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