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How to Create the Perfect Win-Back Campaign

Every company has a few customers that get away. They either transfer to another provider, or they just stop buying your product and choose an alternative. The thing is, if you want to keep growing then you must win back these customers! In this blog post, we will dive into the basics of how to create the perfect win-back campaign that will bring old customers back without costing too much money.

Acquire Data on Inactive Subscribers

The first step is to acquire data on your inactive subscribers. You can do this by setting up an automated email campaign that will ask customers if they are still interested in the product and if not then it would be best for them to move onto another provider.

This will allow you to get a better idea of where these customers have gone so you know what marketing strategies could work well later down the line.

Give customers the option of being contacted monthly or yearly depending on their preference. They might forget about signing up but want regular information sent anyway.

Create Crafty Subject Lines as Part of Your Perfect Win-Back Campaign

Once you have acquired this data, it is time to start crafting some subject lines that will remind customers of why they signed up in the first place.

Some possible reminder messages could be: “Are You Staying On?” or “Time To Renew?”.

You should also write a little content that reminds people what makes your product useful. Then, followed up with an invitation asking them to share their thoughts on how valuable the service has been for them so far.

Make sure you include social media sharing options as well so these customers can spread the word about your new campaign!

Provide an Offer That Can’t Be Refused

If you are looking to bring back old customers then it is important that your offer cannot be refused. This will ensure maximum conversions and no lost profits whatsoever!

For example, if a customer signs up for three months’ worth of the product at half price, they will not get another chance to sign up again with this kind of deal.

You can include “limited time only” in the subject line so everyone knows how serious you are about making an impact on retention rates!

Make sure there’s also some sort of deadline associated with the promotion as well so people know when they need to act fast.

Segment Your List of Inactive Subscribers

Last but not least, you should segment your list of inactive subscribers. This means that you’ll need to split up all the emails into categories like “products” and “geographical location”.

This will allow for better targeting so each email gets delivered to customers who might be interested in it. You can also personalize the content based on their interests!

If they haven’t logged onto social media lately then send them a direct message there instead.

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